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INESC TEC showcases innovative technologies in Open Day

On 6 May, INESC TEC’s Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) organised an Open Day to show companies and the general public innovative technologies in the fields of health, sea, music, multimedia, wireless networks, security, media and smartphones. This initiative marks the beginning of the 30th anniversary celebrations of INESC TEC in Porto.

The goal with the “CTM Open Day” (CTM – Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia), one of INESC TEC’s 12 research centres, was not only demonstrate the institute’s capacity to innovate and produce high quality scientific results, but also to provide an opportunity to identify synergies and establish future partnerships, not only in Portugal, but also abroad.

Technologies to plan breast cancer surgery, low-cost ECG monitors, tools to automatically analyse digital colposcopies, tools to predict the popularity of online news, apps to compose, manipulate and experience music, flying access points that provide Internet access in temporary events, underwater communications or wireless energy transfer were some of the examples of technologies on display at INESC TEC.

To demonstrate and strengthen INESC TEC’s role (and CTM’s in particular) as an R&D partner, guests had the opportunity to see first-hand different innovations and high quality prototypes developed at INESC TEC. Results of projects developed in partnerships with companies were also presented in this event. Companies like EFACEC, a InovRetail and Wavecom participated in the Open Day.

In order to align the research conducted at CTM with the needs of companies and the market, the researchers and PhD students presented their ongoing doctoral work.

This initiative, which involved the entire CTM, welcomed several members of academia, researchers and companies, including from the Universities of Porto and Coimbra, the Computer Graphics Centre, IT, Orizon Vision, Vihu, Lda, Exerlife, Lda, FreedomGrow, InovRetail, Inov-Ria, IST, JPP Consulting, Venture Catalysts, NMusic and Maretec-IST.

This event was an opportunity to identify and establish future partnerships with the business world.

INESC TEC, May 2015

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