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INESC TEC leads European project SafeCloud

The European project SafeCloud (Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture), from INESC TEC’s High Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), has been recently approved with a budget of over three million euros.

Coordinated by HASLab, this project addresses the area of cloud infrastructures. Despite their advantages, these structures present some challenges, namely in terms of the privacy, integrity, and security of the storage and processing of data. The goal with SafeCloud is to make sure that the data transmission, storage and processing are divided according to different domains that do not collude, making the data safer.

Another goal is improving the privacy and security of communications on the cloud, making sure that the data are safe and processed by the storage providers on the cloud, integrating mechanisms that do not make it possible to manipulate the integrity of the data.

For that, the users can choose various administrative domains, and thus have absolute control over their data. It is expected that this project will have a significant impact on society.

The HASLab team is composed of Rui Oliveira, José Pereira, Miguel Matos, João Paulo and Francisco Maia.

Besides INESC TEC, the project partners include Université de Neuchatel (Switzerland), Technische Universität München and Cloud & Heat GMBH (Germany), Cybernetica AS (Estonia), INESC-ID and Maxdata Software (Portugal).

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this article are associated with the following partner institution: U.Minho.

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